Server Issues


With any kind of computer technology system there is one common fundamental principle which they all rely on and without it cease to operate, this is the server. If you like you can think of the server as the hub or main computer (the brain even). The main head quarters for all your computers go through and exchange information, so without this, if you have a complicated system or networks then you can literally cripple your business within seconds.

As a business it is vitally important to keep the “blood flow” Circulating to the “brain”, if the blood stops working so does the brain, and you risk getting a heart attack also!

OK maybe an over exaggerated analogy there, but truth is if your business isn’t operating properly neither are your profits, and they really are the bottom line of any business.

So when servers do go down what happens?

Well initially sometimes theres panic, but often usually resolved by a simple reboot. Worst case scenario here is that you lose a few minutes of work time.

The other and far more worst scenario is that a reboot is attempted, but for whatever reason is unsuccessful, now you have a REAL problem on your hands, potentially a big problem!

Why is a server going down a problem

Ordinarily a server going down isn’t a huge problem, the problems really start when you cant get them back up again, everything can come to a sudden stop. This is when you need a team of people in the side lines ready to pounce on such potential catastrophic issues address it quickly and professionally meaning less down time to your business, no business wants long periods of down time!

Its far too complicated to go over the potential problems servers can run into if they fail, but the one thing that is vital is if and when these issues occur you have the right set of people at hand to deal with it quickly.

This is exactly what Silicon Valley Specialists specialises in; we can help keep your business running as quickly as possible with little down time, but when there is down time we act on it quickly making sure your business is affected as little as possible!

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