Malware Detection and Fixes


There are different ways a PC or laptop can get effected by a reduction in speed, performance or just disturbance in free flowing usage of your programs. Malware is up there to as being one of if not the biggest cause of computer and laptop problems which is a type of.

What is Malware?

In short Malware is a form of virus. It is specially designed software which has been created with the purposes of reducing the production of a computer, getting access to parts of your hard drive you don’t want it to and access private information such as card details.

Malware can include, but not exclusive to; viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, dialers, keyloggers, spyware, adware and security software which isn’t quite what it says it is, often downloaded online being mistaken for something good for your system.

Malware when happens can be a very dangerous thing to occur in terms of your security, and its essential that first and fore most you protect your computer in the best possible way. If for what ever reason this form of virus breaches this security then it must be removed immediately and quickly before prolong damage and problems are created.

So How Do We Detect Malware?

There are various ways and methods you can detect malware, aswell as remove it, often its down to having the right software, and knowing were to look, that’s were our skill and knowledge comes in. We can seek and destroy all malware on your computer in the event it gets infected.

We can also offer advise and some software to help prevent this from happening either again or at anytime in the future.

At times you need an expert on your wide when it comes to computers, especially when your security and personal information can be at risk. Its best to make sure you do things right from the beginning rather than fixing something after its been broke. Prevention is always better than a cure, and we can address both!

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