Internet Connectivity


The Internet was a complete revolution when it was first introduced, and the possibilities soon became endless for it’s uses; from a source of information and resource for education, a way to communicate with email, social media and live chat, a way to shop with e commerce sites and to find businesses and services local to you. Over 50% of all businesses now have websites, there are over a billion Facebook users and the development of smartphones now mean that we can use the internet at all times on the move. In short, the internet is huge, and as a result of this, internet connectivity is an important part of any computer.

There are a number of different ways that devices can connect to the Internet. The most common form of connection is broadband, and this is used both in the home and in businesses, although with advances in technology in wireless internet many people are using Wi Fi. Wi Fi is also used a lot on laptops, tablets like Ipads and Androids and smartphones. Out and about there are also a number of other ways to connect to the internet and these can be fee based; this can include on trains, in internet cafes and even in hotels.

There are sometimes problems with internet connectivity and these can be for a number of reasons. Disruptions of submarine communications cables may cause blackouts or slowdowns to large areas. Land cables are also vulnerable to damage through building works. In less well developed areas there might be problems with getting signal with regards to Wi Fi. Occasionally the problem can with your computer itself in which case a professional can rectify this.

The Internet itself can occasionally cause problems with technology, as with the popularity of Wi Fi the number of viruses that can have access to your system. Virus protection is more important than ever to ensure that your computers and other devices are kept in working order.

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