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Just Like a car, your computer should have a health check or service every 12 months – 18 months or so. The time of how long you should leave it between having these checks done really depends on how often you use your laptop or computer.

If you use your machine every day then its wise to perform a full Health Check & Optimisation at least once a year to year and a half. If you use it less than this then you can consider leaving it a bit longer. Do bear in mind though the more often you perform this optimisation and check on your machine, its components, its software and everything else that is on it., you will make it more secure, eliminate any potential risks before they get infected with viruses, reinforcing your software keeping any virus and any unwanted programs out with new upto date software on your machine it imperative in this day and age.

What does Optimisation and Computer Health Check Mean?

What we do at Silicon Valley Specialists once we have your desktop or laptop. We will check all of your software and make sure there is only “Non Dangerous” Software in it which you use and nothing that shouldn’t be there.

We can seek and destroy any programs which might prove to be harmful, risking your private and personal information, or maybe even just slowing down general processes in the background. All of which are deleted.

Then there’s the health check. Aswell as optimising your machine to make it run faster, we can also tweak and advise you as to what you can do to make sure you minimise the risk of anything bad happening to your computer.

With regular use of your machine particularly, on the internet, your bound to pick up something that shouldn’t be there. Our job is to make sure you only keep what you need and get rid of everything else!

Doing this will give your laptop or desktop more life and afterwards you will likely see an increase in performance and speed.

If you would like to know more about our professional Health Check & Optimisation services then please feel free to contact us today and we can assist you to make sure you are getting the very most out of your computer and remaining safe when you are online.

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