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Email was introduced shortly after the internet and is one of the main functions of the Internet. Email is a fast and effective way to communicate and is used widely for both business and personal reasons. On most forms there is a space for an email address; it is widely used for marketing, and is also on most business cards as a quick way to contact prospective customers and/or suppliers. It’s quite rare to find a business with no email address at all because of its speed and multitude of uses; marketing, communication, sending quotes, taking bookings.

Email works best as a business tool when emails are answered promptly and efficiently, as often people will email several companies about the same service or product at the same time in order to find the best service and most competitive price. For this reason, it is important to check emails regularly, and why it is vital that your email system is working at all times. Even one day without a working email system can mean losing business and therefore losing revenue. It is for this reason that many businesses have an email assistance company for a fast response in case of problems and the potential loss of business this could mean.


When looking for an email assistance company, it is important to look past just the cost. The main qualities you should look for in an email assistance company are:

  • A fast response; every minute your emails aren’t being received can mean lost business and so you want to look for a company that have a speedy guaranteed response time. You might also want to look for a company that works at all times; not just nine until five. This means that you can get problems solved overnight when you are less likely to be losing business.
  • Great customer service; you want a company that understand the importance you your email system and care about getting it fixed as soon as is physically possible.
  • Good reputation; people will complain if they aren’t getting the kind of service that they need and so asking around similar companies or people you know might be a good way to find the best email assistance companies and the ones to avoid.
  • Technical expertise; the level of knowledge and experience to fix any issue with your email system.
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