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There are multiple ways your computer or laptop can have issues, ranging from a hardware issue like a faulty screen, a hard-drive suddenly failing to work to a software malfunction or even virus.

Whatever the problem is, whether you have diagnosed it yourself or not, we have the knowledge, the know how and the available resources to not only diagnose the problem accurately but fix your computer too!

Having a team of IT professionals at our disposal is a huge advantage to both you and us as between them we can pretty much cover all aspects of IT and the problems which can sometimes arise from it.


Our Desktop Repair Service

Ideally, what we want to do is fix your desktop or laptop as quickly as possible; nobody wants to be delayed in the use of their machine, especially if you are a business.

For that reason, we offer a range of different options for you to consider from Silicon Valley Specialists. Where possible we will advise you over the phone best we can. As I’m sure, this isn’t always the best and most practical method so we can either arrange an onsite visit, to your home or business or we can arrange a pickup service from a courier to pick up your machine and on delivery we can get to work on it straight away. We can even arrange a drop off service back to the address where it can from once fixed.

We want to assist you with your technical issue with as little fuss as possible and in the quickest possible way. With the many years of experience, we have had dealings with a variety of customers from all types of backgrounds covering a vast amount of issues, we have become experts in doing just that.

If you are currently experiencing a problem with your laptop or desktop computer, either hardware or software, then give us a call today or contact us and let us help.

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