Data Recovery Service in London

Unfortunately, the loss of data on people’s laptop or PC does happen quite regularly. There are various ways this can be done, some more obvious than others. The most common way people tend to lose their data is either they deleted it by accident or have had a hardware failure. Fear not! Although recovering data from your computer isn’t always guaranteed, each client has to be dealt with in a unique way, as often each problem does have its own unique problems, but on the whole its fair to say data recovery can be successfully done.

Silicon Valley Specialists has tricks and methods with its Data Recovery Service for London clients. It can employ to get your machine back to how it was in the first place, from a simple system restore to running software and tracking the path of where data has been moved to, Silicon Valley Specialists are confident most if not all issues with data on your machine can be addressed and resolved. As with most things like this, prevention is better than cure, so here’s a few quick tips we recommend you can put in place to avoid losing data in the first place:


Keep duplicate copies of important information on an external hard-drive, memory stick etc.

Never open emails you are unfamiliar with and don’t trust, this can violate any data you may have on your computer.

Be cautious when transferring files and folders, if its important data make a mental note where you’re moving it to, and be careful not to hit the delete button!

Try a system restore, this can sometimes retrieve data which has been wiped.

In the case of hardware failure, contact us as soon as possible. This usually requires expert assistance.

Data Recovery Service in London
Data Recovery Service in London

Often its down to common sense keeping your data safe, but if its valuable keep a copy of it somewhere, that way if you do lose it on your machine you have a backup copy so you can easily restore your data quickly and you won’t need to wait and pay for someone to retrieve it for you. There is software online which you can use to try and get lost data back, although some may work, it’s not overly advisable to use a random software to rummage through your personal information to locate lost files or folders. Be on the safe side and call someone out who you can trust.

We always strive to provide the best possible solution to your data recovery problems hence why we offer in what we would say is the number 1 Data Recovery Service in London, working quickly and effectively. We know your time is important and that’s why fixing these issues have to be done as soon as possible. If we can we will try and help you over the phone and if need be domestic and business visits can be arranged to help you recover your data.

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