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So most people don’t realise or understand why a computer needs regular maintenance.  Why would most people know this anyhow?

But has it ever crossed your mind why your laptop starts to slow down after a year or so and why you suddenly start getting annoying pop ups on your computer?

Using a car as an analogy, it has a bit of wear and tear throughout the year, and every 12 months you take it for a service and get its MOT done. Well you could think of a computer or laptop maintenance service as exactly the same thing.

Sometimes, especially after heavy usage of your machine, it can start to slow down, and maybe even pick up some bug,s or even virus along the way. Malware is also another very common issue. Although not usually a risk to your private information, it can be very annoying as they are basically just spam, or programs which are in your system that constant ask you to buy things.


So how is Computer Maintenance Done?

There are various ways in which Silicon Valley Specialists can do maintenance on your laptop or desktop, often it’s down to personal preference, but here is a common and effective way it can be done.

Firstly, your data has to be saved before anything can be done.

Once this has been saved in a safe place, on an external hard drive the computers hard drive can be wiped clean so ineffective you go back to factory settings.

Once a new blank canvas has been created in the way of a wiped hard drive ( where your data is kept) then a “rebuild” can be started.

A rebuild is basically re-uploading the “operating System” back onto the hard drive. Your operating system can be anything from Windows 95, Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 to name a few.

Once this has been loaded then we can transfer the data back onto the hard drive.

Now although there are a few more things that can be done here, ie optimised tweaks and speed adjustments and enhancements that is pretty much what a basic maintenance service for a laptop or computer requires.

If all has gone well then you will find that your machine operates in a similar way to when you first got it straight out of the box.

A laptop or computer maintenance service in London can vary in how long it takes, usually anywhere from 1 – 2 hours is common, providing there are no issues or technical problems along the way.

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