Blank Screen Issues


Sometimes a customer contacts us saying that they are getting a “blank” screen, or even sometimes they report their computer is just showing a blue screen (often called the Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD). Without being too technical this can be a bootup issue, or a problem with the hard drive or when its “Blue Screening” could very well be an operating system issue as this is the default which it goes to if something like Windows experiences a problem.

Without looking at it in detail and in person it’s not overly straightforward to diagnose an issue like this, but those are a few examples of what it may be.

Fixes to Blank Screens

The first step we take is a bit of testing, sometimes we can manually go into the “back end” of your computer and find out that way, this usually tells us what we need to know and relatively it can be quite an easy fix. Worst case scenario it could be a hardware failure, therefore, new components may be required.

If you are experiencing such things right now with your laptop or even desktop, then contact us today and we will do our best over the phone to assist you. Alternatively, there are on-site visits we do to help you resolve this technical issue.

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