On-Site Domestic Computer and Laptop Repairs in London

When it comes to Getting your computer or laptop fixed, and if you’re a domestic customer then what you need is a quick fix so you can get on with your schedule or tasks for the day ahead. This is why computer repair businesses like Silicon Valley Specialists can offer an on-site service where we can come to your home or even place of work and do our utmost to fix your computer there and then. The majority of problems which our customers tend to experience when they are working from home or just using their computer for general use can usually be fixed and resolved within an hour or two on the same day we visit them. Common problems range from loose connections, viruses, to faulty equipment and Blank Screen issues. We always endeavour to try and fix the problem when we visit, for the rare occasions when we are not able to fix it, we will quote you for the work and take fix it as quickly as possible for you, often within 24 – 48 hours and we also offer a pick-up and drop off service which is flexible and most suited for you.

Maintenance aswell as Repair

On-Site Domestic Computer and Laptop Repairs in London
On-Site Domestic Computer and Laptop Repairs in London

Aswell as an efficient laptop and desktop repair service, we are able to carry out maintenance services. We recommended these for all machines, as they tend to slow down and “clog” up after 12 – 24 months use or so. Usually its just a case of us saving your information and data, then ”rebuilding” your machine, then putting the data back onto your hard-drive. You will then have a practically a brand new computer, or that’s what it’ll feel like. All our staff and fully trained and have years of experience when it comes to fixing, repairing, maintaining, diagnosing issues with your technology devices. Fixing computers is what we do best, and we do it at reasonable rates with efficient in mind so you can get back to your own business as soon as possible. We are happy to travel to nearby homes and businesses, we are knowledgeable enough to take on complex commercial set ups, yet are also able to keep things basic and on the level for people who are not upto speed with terminology and the “lingo” of the computing world. We simplify it as much as possible so you understand what it is we are going to be able to do for you exactly. So no matter what the issue is with your laptop computer or desktop, give us a call today and see how we can help you to get it fixed and resolve the problem with as little inconvenience to yourself. After all that is what Silicon Valley Specialists is all about.

Why Setting an iPhone to 1970 Sucks

Believe us: setting an iPhone to 1970 wouldn’t reverse the aging process

Memo to reader: this is not what will happen if you set your iPhone to 1970. Device image by PhIllStudio (via Shutterstock). Screengrab: David Webb’s winning goal versus Leeds United (courtesy of ITV Sport, 1970). Some older readers of our blog may be able to remember 1970 for a few things. Topping the viewing figures were On The Buses and Steptoe and Son. The Beatles had split up, and Chelsea won the F.A. Cup Final after a replay at Old Trafford. In computer terms, 1970 was a significant year. It is the earliest year one can get to on UNIX-based systems – such as Apple’s operating systems for its iPhones, iPads, and its Macs.

Why, may you ask, did UNIX developers choose 1970? Apart from the fact it was developed in the seventies, it was an easy year to build a ticking clock from for the operating system. So New Year’s Day 1970 was chosen. The clock of any UNIX-based system is created by means of integers. Zero is the very point when Big Ben chimed its way into the 1970s. In numerical terms, 01/01/1970 00:00:00. Where does the iPhone come into this? iOS is derived from UNIX – alongside MacOS, Amiga Workbench, and any Linux distro one cares to mention. How does this have an affect on your iPhone? Setting your date to the 01/01/1970 will crash your device. It would render your device as useless.

Why Setting an iPhone to 1970 Sucks
Why Setting an iPhone to 1970 Sucks

This video clip explains why 1970 has an effect on your iPhone or iPad.Up to iOS 9.3, taking your iOS powered device back to 1970 meant the end of your smartphone or digital tablet. In February 2016, as stated on the Apple website, this bug was rectified after the release of iOS 9.3. With this fix, you can resurrect your device by plugging it into your computer (via the USB port). Then by pressing and holding both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons. Shortly, the Connect to iTunes screen should appear on your device. By the end of this year, iOS 10 should be due out. This will include improvements to Siri and the expansion of its 3D Touch features. Immediately after the IFA Trade Fair (02 – 07 September 2016), Apple aim to launch iPhone 7. Whether you’ll be able to set that to 1970 is another story, but we won’t be queueing in the early hours for the sole purpose of buying one, then bricking a bleeding edge smartphone for kicks. We have better things to do.


Silicon Valley Specialists

IT Support Services London

Here at Silicon Valley Specialists we understand the importance of IT Support in London and keeping technology working for you & when it fails – we know how that impacts on how you function. That’s why we pride ourselves on the fastest turnaround time in London, coupled with the amazing service you would come to expect from London’s No1 IT support company – Silicon Valley Specialists. We are here to help you with all of your computer & IT Support needs. No matter if you are a home or small business; we can provide you with reliable, quality solutions which are speedy & priced to suit you.The main advantage is that we are your local support team with over 15 years of experience; we have a comprehensive team at hand working all around London, available to come to your home or office for direct on-site help. All of this and normally we can have an engineer onsite within 1.5 hours.

IT Support Services London
IT Support Services London

At the same time you can benefit from 24/7 support from our London, UK based I.T help desk and know that your dedicated technician is backed up by specialized engineers who are able to tackle the most complex of IT problems. We understand that computers and IT play an important part in your life so we concentrate on being able to provide you with pro-active solutions which keep your computers working efficiently and securely, ensuring that your data is safeguarded at all times.

Your Local London Computer Company Servicing Both Commercial and Domestic Computers. With over 15 years of experience & customer satisfaction behind the scenes, Silicon Valley Specialists has been voted by you; the No1 tried and trusted computer repair solution in London.

Data Recovery Service in London

Unfortunately, the loss of data on people’s laptop or PC does happen quite regularly. There are various ways this can be done, some more obvious than others. The most common way people tend to lose their data is either they deleted it by accident or have had a hardware failure. Fear not! Although recovering data from your computer isn’t always guaranteed, each client has to be dealt with in a unique way, as often each problem does have its own unique problems, but on the whole its fair to say data recovery can be successfully done.

Silicon Valley Specialists has tricks and methods with its Data Recovery Service for London clients. It can employ to get your machine back to how it was in the first place, from a simple system restore to running software and tracking the path of where data has been moved to, Silicon Valley Specialists are confident most if not all issues with data on your machine can be addressed and resolved. As with most things like this, prevention is better than cure, so here’s a few quick tips we recommend you can put in place to avoid losing data in the first place:


Keep duplicate copies of important information on an external hard-drive, memory stick etc.

Never open emails you are unfamiliar with and don’t trust, this can violate any data you may have on your computer.

Be cautious when transferring files and folders, if its important data make a mental note where you’re moving it to, and be careful not to hit the delete button!

Try a system restore, this can sometimes retrieve data which has been wiped.

In the case of hardware failure, contact us as soon as possible. This usually requires expert assistance.

Data Recovery Service in London
Data Recovery Service in London

Often its down to common sense keeping your data safe, but if its valuable keep a copy of it somewhere, that way if you do lose it on your machine you have a backup copy so you can easily restore your data quickly and you won’t need to wait and pay for someone to retrieve it for you. There is software online which you can use to try and get lost data back, although some may work, it’s not overly advisable to use a random software to rummage through your personal information to locate lost files or folders. Be on the safe side and call someone out who you can trust.

We always strive to provide the best possible solution to your data recovery problems hence why we offer in what we would say is the number 1 Data Recovery Service in London, working quickly and effectively. We know your time is important and that’s why fixing these issues have to be done as soon as possible. If we can we will try and help you over the phone and if need be domestic and business visits can be arranged to help you recover your data.

computer and technology solutions company

Silicon Valley Specialists is an onsite computer and technology solutions company. We support small business and residential computer users in London & the surrounding areas by providing most of our services at our client’s homes or offices. Home service means no need to disconnect & reconnect your equipment. No need to carry your computer into your car. We will come to repair it for you.


Travel time included in our services. No hidden fees.

Professional services & friendly attitude make great atmosphere to answer all questions.

Always the same computer technician will service your computer.

All work guaranteed and a full report on work carried out will be supplied.

Like the idea of having your own “Technician” to assist you whenever you’re in trouble ? You’re in safe hands.

We also offer a pickup and drop-off service inside of London & the M25.


SVS offers a complete line of home computer repair services for all home and office users. Onsite services range from setting up your new PC computer, transferring data from old to new computer, data recovery and system backup to installing your new hardware and software and much more. Why bother with lugging your system to a retailer, when we can come out to you? We will work with you to provide convenient time to resolve all of your issues and answer all of your questions while repairing your computer. Alternatively if you are able to get your computer to our offices and are not in need of a priority service we offer a in-house computer repair service. For immediate support call Silicon Valley Specialists on 0203 086 9989 or fill in our instant contact form on the left., alternatively feel free to email us support@onsiteitsupportlondon.com with your request.With over 15 years of experience & customer satisfaction behind the scenes, Silicon Valley Specialists has been voted by you; the No1 tried and trusted computer repair solution in London.For immediate support use the Contact Form on the Contact Page or alternatively call us on 0203 086 9989. Remember were open 24 Hours a day 7 days a week providing you with the most complete IT solutions in London.